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deviation in storage by khaoskai
So..... Hey guys and girls! Yet again I've been insanely unproductive. I can thank coursework, exams and generally being crushed by emotional stress for that. Stories have pretty much come to a halt. I made the rookie mistake of making them all too personal, so when I myself am struggling with certain things writing the stories just makes things harder.
What I AM going to do though to make up for it is a series of poems and short stories in a commission style. No payment, just to see who really bothers to read these journals and take them seriously.

So! Here's the deal; Anyone reading this, you can request a poem or short story, specifically one or two scenes (nothing more than a few pages worth and of course will require more time than poems to write) and I will endeavor to fulfill those requests. I am in need of something to relieve this pent up stress.

If you want a poem give me a topic and/or a short summary of the story behind the topic, e.g. a forbidden lust, a dream you've had, something you desired or have managed to achieve.
If you want a short story I will need a brief character profile, location/venue, clothing you wish your characters to be wearing, and a general background story/theme. (For example; Gender, height, eye and hair colours, clothing, club/villa/beach/ski mountain/etc, drinking/sex/holiday scene/swimming/driving/etc).

I have already done a few for some friends so will upload those soon enough so keep an eye out! Just so you can get a general idea of what I'm talking about.

I will try to keep going with my other poems, it's just motivation has escaped me for a while now. Much to my frustration. I can come up with the ideas, but can't actually put the content down on paper without screwing it up out of hate of my rubbish work.
Anyway, enough rambling. Requests would be greatly appreciated! :D

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Eros Morpheus Chronos
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I still haven't done any more on that chapter for The Darkness. Got a module test tomorrow to revise for, but plan to finish it by week end. :D
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